Terms Of Service

When commissioning or purchasing you agree to my terms of service.

Refunds policy
 A lot of money goes towards materials and labor. Soon as first payment is sent i find and order fur and other materials. Only way to get any sort of refund is if i have not started making the suit yet and it was paid in full. You will get a 50% refund because of material costs.

Charge back policy
If you file a charge back and win for any reason, i do gain rights to make at minimum 4 changes to the design to sell as a pre-made except for single parts that are solid color or simple design. If you loose the charge back, you can either continue with the commission, or i ship what has been completed fully to equal of what you have paid for so far. This does not give you the right to charge back. This paragraph is just in case you do.

Age policy
I do make for any age. But if you are a minor i must have some proof of your parent(s) approval. If you lie about your age and a charge back happens then refer to charge back policy. Example is a video of your parent saying I approve of my child's purchase or a picture of them holding a sign saying they approve.

Correct policy
Please notify me instantly if anything looks off or wrong when I send wips or during a live stream. I will change it instantly. Via dissect and sew in or airbrush for color. I want your character to be perfect.

Changes and add on policy
Any design changes after materials is bought and needs more materials or more complex will need a change charge added on to affix for those changes. Example with a two color suit and you decide to add small accent marks with a third color after first payment is sent will need to charge to cover those markings. Same with horns, spikes, claws and any other thing you can add on. I am not opposed to doing it, just compensation for adding to is needed for more materials and extra labor.

Payment policy
If not paid in full upfront, i do accept payment plans. All payments must be through 
PayPal goods and services. Cash can easily get lost in the mail, and checks could bounce. PayPal is free to get and use. If you do not have a card or bank account to set up with your PayPal you can go buy a prepaid debit card from Walmart, dollar tree, ect. To use on your PayPal. PayPal protects both consumer and seller both, mostly consumer. They are also very secure and many artists and other makers use PayPal. To make payments you can use this link paypal.me/oble or the make a payment button at the bottom of the main page.
Payment options, i prefer 30% down to start then make even payments either weekly, bi weekly, or monthly. I am more than willing to work with you on a payment plan that fits in your budget as long as it is reasonable. I understand that life comes first because a fursuit is a
Luxury item, not a necessity to be in the fandom.

Complaining about prices policy
Materials for a suit is very expensive. Also a lot of time and labor goes into making a suit approximately 80 hours go just into a head. If you tell me you do not have the amount quoted for a suit i will say i offer payment plans, and what you have now will make a great down payment. Telling a maker or artist that they over charge is rude, we need compensation for our time making the work we do. Again suits are a luxury, you don't need a suit to be a furry.

Contact policy
When you fill out a quote you put down a second form of communication. That is needed so if anything happens to your email I have another way of contacting you. This can be any social media or phone number. On the main page is every way to contact Oble Studios so there is no way you cant loose contact with me. If calling my business phone number please be considerate of time, we all have to sleep sometime. I am in est time zone if that helps. If i do not answer please leave a text and i will get to it asap. All quotes will be sent to the email you provide in the quote form unless you tell me to send it to your secondary contact information also.


Conversation policy
This is a commission that is being hand crafted for you. I like to try to be my commissioners friends and a lot of my commissioners call me their suit mama. I like having talks and fun convos with my commissioners or aka fur babies, but if i do not respond I am busy crafting suits or driving. I DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. Also please do not spam me I do need my personal space and will see your messages. Feel free to ask for wips, I will send you pics or a link to latest livestream your item was featured in. If I say I have not got anything new its because I do what we call "purge weeks" meaning we did all of one type of item that week for example paws, tails, ect.

If you ask for inappropriate content at anytime during your commission you just canceled it without refund. If you ask me to be your significant other or on a date I will tell you nope I am not open for relationships but I am open for commissions.

Please DO NOT CALL unless it is an emergency. I leave my business phone number on my website for a way of contact, I will see your text when I pick up the phone or when I wake up do not worry. Suit emergencies examples are My suit came and the box was already open, I have had a death in the family or other extreme emergency and need to pause my commission.

Quote policy
Be as accurate and honest as possible when filling out the form. That form asks every question a maker needs to know about your suit. The more accurate and honest your answers are the more accurate your quote. All quotes will be filled out no matter what quote selection


Payment Policy

Our preferred method is PayPal. We will send an invoice and are able to go from there or you can go to paypal.me/oble and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries. PayPal is free to make. If you do not own a card, you are able to use a visa gift card available at Walmart, CVS, ect. If you need another form to pay on we are flexible. If sent Via mail we are not responsible for if it gets lost. 

Timing policy
first paid off gets finished first. Anything under 6 months for timing needed will be charged a rush fee because you are jumping ahead of many people. Also rush orders means i work overtime, about 60+ hours a week to get your suit done while trying to stay on schedule.

Species policy
I am willing to work with any species. If i have not made that species before I research about that species to be as accurate as possible. I look at the lore, anatomy rules and art of the species. No species is off limits.

Bases and patterns policy
We do not do custom patterns for sale. We choose which of our patterns we release to sell. 
 If you like a base from somewhere please put it in the quote form as we have to put that into our quote to budget for it.

We also commonly use others patterns and prints such as Curlworks, Freakhound, Mugiwara, YBLSuits, Kloofsuits, Missars, AirplaneBro, Polygony, CholyKnight,  DragonsGardenShop, SequineDesign, and Matricies.

Electronics policy.
Yes i do work with electronics. But the post office charges more to ship anything that has a battery and that will be reflected in shipping price. Usb rechargeable battery packs come with the electronics i make.

Refurbish clause
If getting a refurbishing done for a suit it is required to say if the suit has been used for sexual acts. If it is lied about I have the right to add a $20,000 fine to cover state fines along with machine and equipment sanitation costs and permits.

Quote policy
Your quote from day it is emailed lasts 45 days. If not purchased within that time and still interested a new quote must be filled out. I am constantly improving and upping my quality and prices reflect that.


Gift Policy

We understand fursuits and accessories can be bought as gifts for others. Even if the items are for you we are going to take the order directions from who is paying. We have had issues with couples buying suits for their significant other and they break up and it turns into a dilemma on our end. We are shipping to where the person who has paid has put as an address via PayPals goods and services requirements in this situation.

Shipping policy
I use USPS to ship all orders. I do provide a tracking number when shipped highlighted on the receipt sent in picture for proof of shipped item.
If item is lost in transit I will help you find and fight to get it to you. You paid a lot of money for a suit and I worked really hard on it to make that suit. I do not want that work thrown down the toilet.
I do not ship items until it is both completed and paid off entirely. No budging on that.

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments

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