These are our starting prices in USD. Colors complexity and extras will affect your total price. To see how much a custom suit of your character would be please fill out a quote form. We do offer Artistic Liberty suits as well with a slight discount please fill that out in the quote form as well.

Individual Parts

Head $650+
Mochi Magic Paws $150+
Planti Feet $175+
Digi Feet $300+
half leg
Tail $40+ per foot
Nubs start at $30
measured by foot along middle length of tail.
Sleeves $100+
Torso $300+
Planti Legs $500+
Planti Body $800
Digi Legs $900+
comes with feet attached
Digi Legs with Tail $940+
feet and tail come attached.
Digi Body $1200
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Mini Partial $840+
Partial $940+
Full Partial $1115+
3/4 Suit Planti $1415+
3/4 Suit Torso $1615+
Digi Partial $1140+
Digi Full Partial $1240+
3/4 Suit Digi $1740+
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Full Suits

Full Planti $1815+
Full Digi $2040+
Feet come attached to body
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